Today We Are Making

We are a Dad & Daughter cooking team from Dublin, Ireland. Since Ella was 2 years old we have been cooking all kinds of food together at home. Every Sunday you will find us in our kitchen as we spend hours cooking a roast for our family!

We always wanted to start some kind of cooking channel or make videos but with life being so busy we never were able to really dedicate the time to do this. That all changed during the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020. Without any plan or idea what we were really doing, we made our very first TikTok video! Very quickly things escalated and our videos on TikTok were receiving a huge amount of attention! Within our first month, we had over 1 million views!

This led to our family being selected by Lidl Ireland to star in a national TV ad campaign for their stores! It is very safe to say we will never forget our 2020 lockdown!

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About us - Today We Are Making
About us - Today We Are Making